Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning

Information For Prospective Authors
Last Updated November 8, 2004.

The Series Editors are actively recruiting completed monograph manuscripts or nearly completed monograph manuscripts for possible publicaton. They will also review proposals. It is the Editors' intention to provide authors with their written decision within 8 months after receipt of submission.  Submissions may be made directly to the London office.  See below for details.

Submission of Completed Monographs
You must supply Jane Spurr, Publications Administrator, with 2 hardcopies of your monograph as well as an electronic copy. Please clearly indicate the series name in your submission cover letter.

Indexing  --- Transfer of Copyright --- Permission to Publish Form

Manuscript Formating
We would prefer to receive "standard" LaTeX files although TeX is an acceptable alternative.  If authors are using any non-standard packages, they should let us know so that we can check their compatibility with the concatenation program that we use to prepare the books.

Authors are also welcome to use Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.  There's also a program called Scientific Word that translates word files (rtf) into LaTeX  We can handle documents in this programme as well.  Jane Spurr will be glad to field any queries that authors may have.

Footnotes should be in standard LaTeX footnote style (i.e., at the end of each page, rather than as "endnotes").  The bibliography should be in "named" style.  Please note that you can use \shortcite, which only displays the year.  For LateX users, the .sty and named.bst files are available by clicking here or here depending on the version of LateX you are using..

For those using programmes other than LateX, you need not be concerned about the style of your bibliographic entries since your files will be converted to LateX during the production stage and, therefore, will print out in the "named" style.   If anyone would prefer to work from a sample bibliography, they can click here.  Citation style for those using any programme other than LateX may also be in whatever format is most familiar.  Conversion to LateX will standardize the citation styles.

Each monograph will contain a single index made up of up to 3 parts: names, topics, notation.  To assist the production team in the preparation of the index and to give authors complete control over how their monographs are referenced we have provided complete directions below.  If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jane Spurr, Publications Administrator.

For LaTeX users:
In every case the \index command should be placed immediately against the name, word, or notation where it appears in the text --- leave no spaces.  This eliminates page breaks splitting the index command from the text and referring the reader to the incorrect page.  Authors should index their monographs using the standard LaTeX indexing conventions.
-Names should be indexed using the format \index{Surname, A. B.} (be sure there is a space between initials)
-Notations should be indexed using a sensible alpha system, e.g., \index{lambda@$\lambda$-calculus}

For Non-LaTeX users:
Hard copy (or pdf files) should have all index entries highlighted.  Names that do not occur in the bibliography should have a marginal note that shows the persons initials.  Where the highlighted entry is not identical to the phrase that authors prefer to see in the index, a marginal note should show the preferred form of entry.

Transfer of Copyright Form
Click here for the Transfer of Copyright Form that all authors must sign.  The Publishing Administrator usually asks for the signed form to be returned with the corrected page proofs.

Permission to Publish
If you require permission for any text, image, etc.  you have used within your monograph, the publisher has supplied us with a standard request form.  You may download it from this site, by clicking here.  Signed permissions must accompany the completed book.